I started baking the white loaves on Sunday morning without taking into consideration that I had a lunch date. At eleven o’clock my loaves were tucked into their pans,

but I realized that I’d have to either take the loaves with me and bake them at my cousin’s house, or put them in the refrigerator to rise slowly while I was away. I decided to refrigerate them.

When I got home I let them continue rising in my warm kitchen, but they didn’t rise as high as I thought they would. I baked them anyway, and while they were not a complete disappointment, they were not mountainous! Today I bought fresh yeast and tried again. Immediately I saw that the problem yesterday wasn’t so much the refrigeration as it was a problem with old yeast! The yeast I used the day before had not reached it’s expiration date, but I had had it a LONG time. The fresh yeast was super active! The picture below is just the 1/2 cup water, yeast and sugar.

While the first batch of dough rose pretty well,

the second dough rose very well!

So…make sure your yeast is fresh, if you want mountainous loaves.


And if you want your bread to look  English, put them in a toast rack.