Since the recipe called for biscotti, it felt like cheating not to make my own. So I did. I made the Cantuccini on page 313 in Baking with Julia. I used pecans instead of almonds because that is what I had on hand. They were super easy to make, and tasty.

With all of my ingredients gathered, I began making the tartlet–the chocolate dough first.

I had never made a dough using the fraisage method.

This was the perfect opportunity to take the time to make a dough completely by hand. It was messy, took much longer than in the processor, but what joy! It was pure magic to watch the cocoa and butter slowly come together into a beautiful dough.

It may have been because of the fraisage, but I found the dough to be easy to roll and not at all crumbly.

There is nothing more comforting than the scent of chocolate and butter melting together,

and the miracle of eggs and sugar beaten into billowy ribbons.

It was all folding, scooping, and baking after that.

Oh, and, of course, the eating.
Creamy deliciousness! Definitely best the day it was baked, but good the next day too.